we do redo 

You won't believe how simple change can be!

Do you look around your home or office and think, this place could use a little sprucing up but you are not sure how it is all going to come together? 
 Let We Do ReDo help!  We specialize in working with our clients to help them find their style and create a home that reflects their lifestyle within their budget!

I ‘clicked’ with Pat and Autumn off the bat.  Their easy going personalities and ‘we can make anything work’ attitudes left me confident we could accomplish any project on any budget or timeline.  I gave Pat and Autumn the reins and they lead me through the process of sorting and organizing the contents of my town-home. They used systems to categorize and group contents by functionality and design.  Pat and Autumn began to visualize potential color pallets that worked with the groupings and they ran design ideas by me to gain insight into my style preferences.  As a guy, I wasn't well versed in ‘decorating terms’ and never would have been able to verbalize that I like things that are ‘rustic, Tuscan inspired, earth tones’.  Pat and Autumn helped me to understand and communicate my own personal taste.

Anthony J Cecchini

services offered
interior design
custom design plans
paint consultation
resale ready redecorating
holiday & event decorating
custom floral arrangement's
custom window treatments

professional organizing
 consultation and assessment of needs 
de-clutter home or office
estate preparation
move in/move out services


We encourage our clients to take an active role in creating their new rooms.  At our first meeting we talk about your lifestyle, taste, likes and dislikes.  This information is then used to create a design plan specific to your style.   This eliminates the anxiety of making the wrong costly decision.  The design plan is presented at the second meeting containing many fresh ideas to create your dream space.  Each design plan is full of many ideas and sources to be used as a step-by-step decorating guide.  At this point the plan can be completely implemented by our client or they can use our additional services to put the plan into action.  We can do as little or as much as needed.

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